The first book to demonstrate how plants originally considered harmful to the environment actually restore Earth's ecosystems and possess powerful healing properties

So, be warned, this is a dangerous book. Tim Scott will change how you see "invasives," will make you question what you have been taught about them, force you to re-examine what you have read in newspapers, and demand you look more closely at what "experts" have said.

Stephen Harrod Buhner, from the foreword

I loved this book, turned every page in appreciation and anticipation. Poetic, wise, visionary and practical, Invasive Plant Medicine is my new favorite book about plants. Written for the medical professional, lay person, gardener, botanist and biologist, for everyone who loves and worships at the roots of the green world, Invasive Plant Medicine goes deep, beneath the surface, and provides a refreshing new theology of "invasives" or "messenger" plants as they are so aptly termed by the author.

Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist, author, and founder of United Plant Savers and the International Herb Symposium

This is an important, insightful book that should be read by all involved in herbal medicine or plant conservation. More importantly, for all of us who should be questioning authority. In these times of rapid change it is refreshing to find such competent questioning of "established truths." Thanks Tim!

David Hoffmann, Medical Herbalist and author of 17 books on plant medicine

Timothy Lee Scott shows how wrongheaded it is to single out other species as harmful. In nearly every case, the blame for damage done by so-called invasive species lies with us, when we have created an imbalance that opens opportunities for new species to move in. And Tim goes beyond simply removing blame from our fellow species. He shows how erstwhile invaders can teach us how to heal damaged ecosystems and ourselves.

Toby Hemenway, author of Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture